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Jack Pine Trail in the evening

The Friday after my OFNC outing I took the afternoon off work and visited Jack Pine Trail. I had things on my mind and needed a distraction, and I knew a walk with my camera at one of my favourite trails would provide just the distraction I needed. It was after 3:30 when I got there; a little later than I planned, but still hot and sunny.

Just like my previous outing at Jack Pine Trail on Sunday, the first interesting thing I saw was not a bird, but rather a completely unexpected mammal – a raccoon on the ground near the OFNC bird feeder area. I think the raccoon had been eating some food left out for the deer when I startled him; I caught a glimpse of him galloping into the bush and then he was gone.

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Hurdman in early June

It was back to work on June 2nd, and the following day I visited Hurdman Park at lunch. It was a beautiful early summer day, and I was looking forward to seeing what insects were flying and whether any new birds had returned. I heard my first Great Crested Flycatcher and saw my first Cedar Waxwings of the year at this location, and found a female Wood Duck with a brood of nine small ducklings on the river. The usual breeding birds were still making themselves known through song, including Warbling Vireos, a male Baltimore Oriole, several American Redstarts and even a couple of Gray Catbirds.

It was the insects, however, that made the outing interesting. I was glad to see that a variety of species were present, including a couple of colourful beetles and one unusual dragonfly.

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