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Do you eBird?

If you haven’t checked out eBird lately, you are missing out on a valuable birding tool. More than just a real-time, online checklist program, eBird documents the presence or absence of species, as well as bird abundance, through checklist data. Where does this checklist data come from? It comes from the observations of thousands of birders, professionals and amateurs alike, who upload their species lists to eBird after each outing.

Most birders keep lists – life lists, trip lists, year lists, provincial, state and county lists, and even patch lists for those special places we return to time and time again throughout the course of the year. At its most basic level, eBird offers even the most devout listers a place to keep track of all of their sightings. Do you want to know how many and which species you saw in 2010? There’s a list for that. Or perhaps you want to know the total number of species you’ve seen in Ontario since you started birding. There’s a list for that, too. Or maybe you’re just interested in keeping track of the species you see in your own yard each year. You got it – there’s a list for that as well.

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