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A Cackling Goose at AHP

Cackling Goose

Cackling Goose

On Sunday, October 26th I felt well enough to go birding for the first time since my surgery. I decided to go to Andrew Haydon Park because I wasn’t sure how much walking I could do without tiring, and it is a relatively small park with lots of benches in case I needed to rest. Andrew Haydon Park is always worth checking this time of year, not only for waterfowl and shorebirds, but also birds of prey, gulls, and even songbirds in the trees and shrubs along the creek and bike path in the eastern half of the park.

It was deep into the afternoon when I arrived, and I headed to the western half of the park first in order to scan the mudflats for shorebirds and the river for waterfowl. I didn’t bring my scope, as I didn’t feel up to carrying it, so my scan didn’t take long. With my binoculars, the only shorebird I was able to discern on the mudflats was a single Greater Yellowlegs, and the only waterfowl I saw on the river were a few mallards dabbling in the muck along the shore and a couple hundred Canada Geese further out. There wasn’t a single diving bird in sight that made me even want to reconsider getting my scope from the car.

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