2014 Year List

Once again I will be keeping a year list for 2014. Actually, I will be keeping two: one for all the birds observed during the calendar year, regardless of location, and one just for birds observed in the Ottawa Circle (the Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club’s study area comprising a 50-kilometre circle centered on the Peace Tower in downtown Ottawa). Last year I managed to see or hear 203 birds in the Ottawa Circle, despite working a full-time job; that will be my goal again this year.

As usual, the first table below is an up-to-date list of all the birds observed in the Ottawa Circle; additional species seen outside the Ottawa Circle in 2014 will follow in a separate table. Life birds will be shown in BOLD. Hopefully some good birds will show up in Ottawa this year; with luck, they will show up on the weekend when I can go out and see them!

Species Location Date
1. American Crow Emerald Meadows 01-Jan-2014
2. Blue Jay Emerald Meadows 01-Jan-2014
3. Snowy Owl Near Richmond 01-Jan-2014
4. Red-tailed Hawk Trail Road Landfill 01-Jan-2014
5. Common Raven Trail Road Landfill 01-Jan-2014
6. European Starling Trail Road Landfill 01-Jan-2014
7. Great Black-backed Gull Trail Road Landfill 01-Jan-2014
8. Northern Cardinal Jack Pine Trail 01-Jan-2014
9. Black-capped Chickadee Jack Pine Trail 01-Jan-2014
10. Mourning Dove Jack Pine Trail 01-Jan-2014
11. Downy Woodpecker Jack Pine Trail 01-Jan-2014
12. Hairy Woodpecker Jack Pine Trail 01-Jan-2014
13. White-breasted Nuthatch Jack Pine Trail 01-Jan-2014
14. Pileated Woodpecker Jack Pine Trail 01-Jan-2014
15. American Tree Sparrow Jack Pine Trail 01-Jan-2014
16. Horned Lark Old Richmond Road 01-Jan-2014
17. Rock Pigeon Old Richmond Road 01-Jan-2014
18. Wild Turkey Hurdman Park 02-Jan-2014
19. Common Goldeneye Hurdman Park 02-Jan-2014
20. Barrow’s Goldeneye Hurdman Park 02-Jan-2014
21. Mallard Hurdman Park 02-Jan-2014
22. Cedar Waxwing Hurdman Park 02-Jan-2014
23. House Sparrow Downtown 02-Jan-2014
24. American Black Duck Billings Bridge 03-Jan-2014
25. Northern Pintail Billings Bridge 03-Jan-2014
26. American Robin Mud Lake 04-Jan-2014
27. Dark-eyed Junco Mud Lake 04-Jan-2014
28. White-throated Sparrow Mud Lake 04-Jan-2014
29. Red-breasted Nuthatch Sarsaparilla Trail 04-Jan-2014
30. Snow Buntings Akins Road 12-Jan-2014
31. House Finch Mud Lake 12-Jan-2014
32. Brown Creeper Mud Lake 12-Jan-2014
33. American Goldfinch Emerald Meadows 15-Jan-2014
34. Golden-crowned Kinglet Sarsaparilla Trail 18-Jan-2014
35. Northern Goshawk Jack Pine Trail 19-Jan-2014
36. Sharp-shinned Hawk Jack Pine Trail 19-Jan-2014
37. Northern Shrike Moodie Drive 19-Jan-2014
38. Rough-legged Hawk Bankfield Road 19-Jan-2014
39. Common Merganser Mud Lake 01-Feb-2014
40. Hermit Thrush Parliament Hill 03-Feb-2014
41. Glaucous Gull Trail Road 08-Feb-2014
42. Bufflehead Bate Island 09-Feb-2014
43. Long-tailed Duck Mud Lake 09-Feb-2014
44. Black-backed Woodpecker Jack Pine Trail 15-Feb-2014
45. Lapland Longspur North Gower 16-Feb-2014
46. Purple Finch Sarsaparilla Trail 09-Mar-2014
47. Peregrine Falcon Downtown Ottawa 11-Mar-2014
48. Merlin Emerald Meadows 14-Mar-2014
49. Herring Gull Trail Road Landfill 15-Mar-2014
50. Ring-billed Gull Billings Bridge 24-Mar-2014
51. Canada Goose Eagleson Stormwater Ponds 24-Mar-2014
52. Ruffed Grouse Old Richmond Road (Stony Swamp) 25-Mar-2014
53. Common Grackle Home 29-Mar-2014
54. Red-winged Blackbird Sarsaparilla Trail 29-Mar-2014
55. Turkey Vulture Home 29-Mar-2014
56. Wood Duck Strathcona Park 02-Apr-2014
57. Hooded Merganser Eagleson Stormwater Ponds 02-Apr-2014
58. Great Blue Heron Billings Bridge 04-Apr-2014
59. Song Sparrow Sarsaparilla Trail 05-Apr-2014
60. Brown-headed Cowbird Trail Road Landfill 05-Apr-2014
61. Killdeer Brownlee Road 05-Apr-2014
62. Cackling Goose Brownlee Road 10-Apr-2014
63. Osprey Richmond Sewage Lagoons 10-Apr-2014
64. Tree Swallow Billings Bridge 11-Apr-2014
65. Barn Swallow Billings Bridge 11-Apr-2014
66. Eastern Phoebe Dunrobin 12-Apr-2014
67. Eastern Meadowlark Dunrobin 12-Apr-2014
68. Wilson’s Snipe Bill Mason Centre 12-Apr-2014
69. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Bill Mason Centre 12-Apr-2014
70. Swamp Sparrow Bill Mason Centre 12-Apr-2014
71. Green-winged Teal Sarsaparilla Trail 12-Apr-2014
72. Ring-necked Duck Sarsaparilla Trail 12-Apr-2014
73. Belted Kingfisher Sarsaparilla Trail 12-Apr-2014
74. Ruby-crowned Kinglet Rideau Trail 12-Apr-2014
75. Northern Flicker Rideau Trail 12-Apr-2014
76. Rusty Blackbird Richmond Sewage Lagoons 13-Apr-2014
77. Chipping Sparrow Emerald Meadows 16-Apr-2014
78. Winter Wren Beaver Trail 18-Apr-2014
79. Fox Sparrow Jack Pine Trail 18-Apr-2014
80. American Kestrel Jack Pine Trail 18-Apr-2014
81. Field Sparrow Jack Pine Trail 18-Apr-2014
82. Pied-Billed Grebe Sarsaparilla Trail 18-Apr-2014
83. Yellow-headed Blackbird Kanata Lakes 18-Apr-2014
84. Double-crested Cormorant Kanata Lakes 19-Apr-2014
85. Yellow-rumped Warbler Kanata Lakes 19-Apr-2014
86. American Wigeon North Gower 19-Apr-2014
87. Eurasian Wigeon North Gower 19-Apr-2014
88. Savannah Sparrow Airport 19-Apr-2014
89. Northern Harrier Richmond Lagoons 20-Apr-2014
90. Purple Martin Mud Lake 20-Apr-2014
91. Pine Warbler Mud Lake 20-Apr-2014
92. Bald Eagle Giroux Ponds 21-Apr-2014
93. Snow Goose Eagleson Ponds 22-Apr-2014
94. American Bittern Munster 27-Apr-2014
95. American Woodcock Munster 27-Apr-2014
96. Barred Owl Munster 27-Apr-2014
97. Broad-winged Hawk Hurdman Park 01-May-2014
98. Black crowned Night-heron Hurdman Park 01-May-2014
99. Virginia Rail Jack Pine Trail 03-May-2014
100. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Mud Lake 04-May-2014
101. Brown Thrasher Mud Lake 04-May-2014
102. Horned Grebe Mud Lake 04-May-2014
103. Lesser Scaup Andrew Haydon Park 04-May-2014
104. Red-necked Grebe Andrew Haydon Park 04-May-2014
105. Warbling Vireo Hurdman Park 07-May-2014
106. Least Flycatcher Hurdman Park 08-May-2014
107. Eastern Kingbird Hurdman Park 08-May-2014
108. Wood Thrush Hurdman Park 08-May-2014
109. Nashville Warbler Hurdman Park 08-May-2014
110. White-crowned Sparrow Emerald Meadows 09-May-2014
111. Common Tern Eagleson Stormwater Ponds 10-May-2014
112. Gadwall March Valley Road 10-May-2014
113. Spotted Sandpiper March Valley Road 10-May-2014
114. Solitary Sandpiper March Valley Road 10-May-2014
115. Least Sandpiper March Valley Road 10-May-2014
116. Great Crested Flycatcher March Valley Road 10-May-2014
117. Blue-headed Vireo March Valley Road 10-May-2014
118. Common Yellowthroat March Valley Road 10-May-2014
119. Yellow Warbler March Valley Road 10-May-2014
120. Rose-breasted Grosbeak March Valley Road 10-May-2014
121. Baltimore Oriole March Valley Road 10-May-2014
122. House Wren Shirley’s Bay 10-May-2014
123. Gray Catbird Shirley’s Bay 10-May-2014
124. Black-and-white Warbler Shirley’s Bay 10-May-2014
125. American Redstart Shirley’s Bay 10-May-2014
126. Northern Parula Shirley’s Bay 10-May-2014
127. Blackburnian Warbler Shirley’s Bay 10-May-2014
128. Palm Warbler Shirley’s Bay 10-May-2014
129. Black-throated Green Warbler Rideau Trail 10-May-2014
130. Ovenbird Beaver Trail 11-May-2014
131. Tennessee Warbler Mud Lake 11-May-2014
132. Cape May Warbler Mud Lake 11-May-2014
133. Black-throated Blue Warbler Mud Lake 11-May-2014
134. Sora Old Quarry Trail 11-May-2014
135. Northern Waterthrush Old Quarry Trail 11-May-2014
136. Chimney Swift The Glebe 14-May-2014
137. Red-eyed Vireo Sarsaparilla Trail 17-May-2014
138. Marsh Wren Sarsaparilla Trail 17-May-2014
139. Magnolia Warbler Sarsaparilla Trail 17-May-2014
140. Blackpoll Warbler Mud Lake 17-May-2014
141. Eastern Wood-pewee Rideau Trail 17-May-2014
142. Great Egret Nortel Trail & Marsh 19-May-2014
143. Bobolink Nortel Trail & Marsh 19-May-2014
144. Semipalmated Plover March Valley Road 19-May-2014
145. Ruddy Duck Moodie Drive Quarry 19-May-2014
146. Bank Swallow Moodie Drive Quarry 19-May-2014
147. Alder Flycatcher Beaver Trail 26-May-2014
148. Scarlet Tanager Beaver Trail 26-May-2014
149. Swainson’s Thrush Fletcher Wildlife Garden 26-May-2014
150. Willow Flycatcher Nortel Marsh 31-May-2014
151. Veery South March Highlands 31-May-2014
152. Eastern Bluebird Dunrobin 01-Jun-2014
153. Common Nighthawk Dunrobin 01-Jun-2014
154. Indigo Bunting Ottawa Airport 06-Jun-2014
155. Grasshopper Sparrow Ottawa Airport 06-Jun-2014
156. Black Tern Petrie Island 07-Jun-2014
157. Common Gallinule Bruce Pit 08-Jun-2014
158. Mourning Warbler Gatineau Park 14-Jun-2014
159. Chestnut-sided Warbler Gatineau Park 14-Jun-2014
160. SEDGE WREN Nortel Marsh 22-Jun-2014
161. Green Heron Sarsaparilla Trail 28-Jun-2014
162. Ruby-throated Hummingbird Shirley’s Bay 19-Jul-2014
163. Greater Yellowlegs Eagleson Ponds 26-Jul-2014
164. Lesser Yellowlegs Eagleson Ponds 26-Jul-2014
165. Cooper’s Hawk Backyard 29-Jul-2014
166. Bay-breasted Warbler Mud Lake 10-Aug-2014
167. Canada Warbler Mud Lake 10-Aug-2014
168. Bonaparte’s Gull Andrew Haydon Park 10-Aug-2014
169. Wilson’s Warbler Richmond Sewage Lagoons 30-Aug-2014
170. American Golden-Plover Boundary Road, Ottawa 31-Aug-2014
171. Philadelphia Vireo Mud Lake 01-Sep-2014
172. Caspian Tern Mud Lake 01-Sep-2014
173. Redhead Richmond Sewage Lagoons 13-Sep-2014
174. Blue-winged Teal Richmond Sewage Lagoons 14-Sep-2014
175. Northern Shoveler Richmond Sewage Lagoons 14-Sep-2014
176. Golden-winged Warbler Sarsaparilla Trail 14-Sep-2014
177. Pine Siskin Larose Forest 26-Sep-2014
178. American Pipit St. Albert Lagoons 26-Sep-2014
179. Semipalmated Sandpiper St. Albert Lagoons 26-Sep-2014
180. White-winged Scoter Shirley’s Bay 27-Sep-2014
181. Lincoln’s Sparrow Mer Bleue 28-Sep-2014
182. Orange-crowned Warbler Sarsaparilla Trail 05-Oct-2014
183. Common Loon Dick Bell Park 18-Oct-2014
184. Red-breasted Merganser Dick Bell Park 19-Oct-2014
185. Brant Andrew Haydon Park 26-Oct-2014
186. Harlequin Duck Strathcona Park 05-Nov-2014
187. Lesser Black-backed Gull Trail Road 23-Nov-2014
188. Iceland Gull Trail Road 06-Dec-2014

Year birds seen outside of the Ottawa Circle:

Species Location Date
1. EURASIAN COLLARED DOVE Florida City, FL 21-May-2014
2. GRAY KINGBIRD Florida City, FL 21-May-2014
3. BOAT-TAILED GRACKLE Florida City, FL 21-May-2014
4. Northern Mockingbird Florida City, FL 21-May-2014
5. MUSCOVY DUCK Florida City, FL 21-May-2014
6. WHITE IBIS Homestead, FL 21-May-2014
7. FISH CROW Homestead, FL 21-May-2014
8. COMMON MYNA Homestead, FL 21-May-2014
9. SWALLOW-TAILED KITE Homestead, FL 21-May-2014
10. ANHINGA Everglades National Park, FL 21-May-2014
11. BLACK VULTURE Everglades National Park, FL 21-May-2014
12. White-eyed Vireo Everglades National Park, FL 21-May-2014
13. LAUGHING GULL Florida City, FL 22-May-2014
14. WOOD STORK Everglades National Park, FL 22-May-2014
15. ROSEATE SPOONBILL Everglades National Park, FL 22-May-2014
16. Red-shouldered Hawk Everglades National Park, FL 22-May-2014
17. TRICOLORED HERON Everglades National Park, FL 22-May-2014
18. Black-necked Stilt Everglades National Park, FL 22-May-2014
19. American Avocet Everglades National Park, FL 22-May-2014
20. Red-bellied Woodpecker Everglades National Park, FL 22-May-2014
21. Prairie Warbler Everglades National Park, FL 22-May-2014
22. BROWN PELICAN Everglades National Park, FL 22-May-2014
23. CATTLE EGRET Homestead, FL 22-May-2014
24. SNOWY EGRET Tamiami Trail, FL 22-May-2014
25. ROYAL TERN Tamiami Trail, FL 22-May-2014
26. SANDWICH TERN Tamiami Trail, FL 22-May-2014
27. Yellow-throated Vireo Opinicon Road Trails 21-Jun-2014
28. CERULEAN WARBLER Opinicon Road Trails 21-Jun-2014
29. Eastern Towhee Murphy’s Point Provincial Park 21-Jul-2014
30. Blue-winged Warbler Pinehurst Lake CA, Brant County 18-Aug-2014
31. Trumpeter Swan Bannister Lake, Cambridge 20-Aug-2014
32. Mute Swan Hamilton 21-Aug-2014
33. American Coot Hamilton 21-Aug-2014
34. Carolina Wren Hamilton 21-Aug-2014
35. Black-bellied Plover Presqu’ile PP 23-Aug-2014

5 thoughts on “2014 Year List

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  2. Hello. I am the assistant manager at 235 Queen (a big glass building) and over the years we have installed ‘falcon flags’ when notified of the nesting situation at the Delta Hotel. I don’t see any activity on the Falcon Watch site. Do you know if there are birds nesting downtown this year?

    • Hi Catherine,

      Thanks for your inquiry! Unfortunately, we are unable to tell if the falcons are sitting on any eggs on the Delta Hotel this year as the Falcon Watch no longer has roof access to the nesting area and cannot check. As such, we are in a holding pattern until the Falcon Watch is granted roof access or actually sees a chick on the ledge from street level. If we do become aware of any chicks, Chris or Anouk will post it on the Falcon Watch site, and if it is their usual practice, notify your building if the flags are required. It’s a bit of a frustrating situation to be in, particularly given that there haven’t been any chicks in a few years now.


      • Thanks so much, Gillian. I will continue to monitor the site in case there is nesting this year.


        Catherine Clark
        SNC-Lavalin O&M
        Assistant Facility Manager
        Assistante Gestionnaire aux Installations
        Édifice C.D. Howe Building

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