2013 Year List

Although I’ve never attempted a serious “Big Year” (which is impossible to do while working full-time), I do keep various year lists, month lists, winter lists, etc. I actually keep two year lists: one of all the birds observed in a calendar year, regardless of location, and one just for birds observed in the Ottawa Circle (the Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club’s study area comprising a 50-kilometre circle centered on the Peace Tower in downtown Ottawa). Only once have I managed to see or hear more than 200 birds in the Ottawa Circle, back in 2011; that will be my goal again this year.

Below is an up-to-date list of all the birds observed in the Ottawa Circle in 2013; additional species seen outside the Ottawa Circle will follow in a separate table. Life birds will be shown in BOLD. Hopefully some good birds will show up in Ottawa this year; with luck, they will show up on the weekend when I can go out and see them!

Species Location Date
1. American Crow Home 01-Jan-2013
2. European Starling Home 01-Jan-2013
3. Rock Pigeon Shea Road 01-Jan-2013
4. Rough-legged Hawk Eagleson Road 01-Jan-2013
5. Red-tailed Hawk Trail Road 01-Jan-2013
6. Common Redpoll Jack Pine Trail 01-Jan-2013
7. White-breasted Nuthatch Jack Pine Trail 01-Jan-2013
8. Black-capped Chickadee Jack Pine Trail 01-Jan-2013
9. Downy Woodpecker Jack Pine Trail 01-Jan-2013
10. Hairy Woodpecker Jack Pine Trail 01-Jan-2013
11. Red-breasted Nuthatch Jack Pine Trail 01-Jan-2013
12. American Tree Sparrow Jack Pine Trail 01-Jan-2013
13. Northern Cardinal Jack Pine Trail 01-Jan-2013
14. Common Goldeneye Bate Island 01-Jan-2013
15. Harlequin Duck Bate Island 01-Jan-2013
16. American Goldfinch Mud Lake 01-Jan-2013
17. Carolina Wren Mud Lake 01-Jan-2013
18. Mallard Mud Lake 01-Jan-2013
19. Canada Goose Mud Lake 01-Jan-2013
20. Common Raven Britannia Village 01-Jan-2013
21. Blue Jay Hilda Road Feeders 01-Jan-2013
22. Mourning Dove Hilda Road Feeders 01-Jan-2013
23. Pine Grosbeak March Valley Road 01-Jan-2013
24. House Sparrow Downtown 02-Jan-2013
25. Bohemian Waxwing Hurdman Park 04-Jan-2013
26. Common Merganser Hurdman Park 04-Jan-2013
27. House Finch Mud Lake 05-Jan-2013
28. American Black Duck Mud Lake 05-Jan-2013
29. Wild Turkey Cambrian Road, Kanata 05-Jan-2013
30. Dark-eyed Junco Trail Road Landfill 05-Jan-2013
31. Barred Owl Stony Swamp 12-Jan-2013
32. Northern Shrike Trail Road 19-Jan-2013
33. Brown-headed Cowbird Trail Road 20-Jan-2013
34. Merlin Emerald Meadows 22-Jan-2013
35. Snowy Owl Ottawa, Ontario 27-Jan-2013
36. Great Gray Owl Green’s Creek 27-Jan-2013
37. Barrow’s Goldeneye Hurdman Park 29-Jan-2013
38. Snow Bunting Giroux Road 03-Feb-2013
39. Horned Lark Giroux Road 03-Feb-2013
40. Brown Creeper Mud Lake 10-Feb-2013
41. Cedar Waxwing Mud Lake 10-Feb-2013
42. Pileated Woodpecker Marlborough Forest 16-Feb-2013
43. Peregrine Falcon Downtown 19-Feb-2013
44. Northern Hawk Owl Ottawa, Ontario 23-Feb-2013
45. Sharp-shinned Hawk Mud Lake 24-Feb-2013
46. Hoary Redpoll Hilda Road 24-Feb-2013
47. Green-winged Teal March Valley Road 24-Feb-2013
48. Black-backed Woodpecker Jack Pine Trail 02-Mar-2013
49. Great Black-backed Gull Trail Road 02-Mar-2013
50. Ring-billed Gull Billings Bridge 10-Mar-2013
51. Red-winged Blackbird Trail Road 10-Mar-2013
52. Great Horned Owl Ottawa 17-Mar-2013
53. Cooper’s Hawk Billings Bridge 24-Mar-2013
54. Turkey Vulture Vanier Parkway 24-Mar-2013
55. Common Grackle Emerald Meadows 25-Mar-2013
56. White-throated Sparrow Fletcher Wildlife Garden 25-Mar-2013
57. American Robin Emerald Meadows 27-Mar-2013
58. Herring Gull Trail Road 29-Mar-2013
59. Glaucous Gull Trail Road 29-Mar-2013
60. Northern Pintail Richmond Lagoons 29-Mar-2013
61. Killdeer Fletcher Wildlife Garden 30-Mar-2013
62. Northern Harrier Huntmar Road 31-Mar-2013
63. Hooded Merganser Eagleson Ponds 31-Mar-2013
64. Ring-necked Ducks Eagleson Ponds 31-Mar-2013
65. Song Sparrow Emerald Meadows 04-Apr-2013
66. Great Blue Heron Highway 417 05-Apr-2013
67. Wood Duck Richmond Lagoons 06-Apr-2013
68. Golden-crowned Kinglet Sarsaparilla Trail 07-Apr-2013
69. Fox Sparrow Hurdman Park 09-Apr-2013
70. Pied-billed Grebe Moodie Drive Quarry 13-Apr-2013
71. American Wigeon Moodie Drive Quarry 13-Apr-2013
72. Bufflehead Moodie Drive Quarry 13-Apr-2013
73. Tree Swallow Mud Lake 13-Apr-2013
74. Eastern Phoebe Mud Lake 13-Apr-2013
75. American Kestrel Dunrobin 14-Apr-2013
76. Eastern Meadowlark Dunrobin 14-Apr-2013
77. Ruffed Grouse Bill Mason Center 14-Apr-2013
78. Wilson’s Snipe Bill Mason Center 14-Apr-2013
79. Osprey Riddell Drive 14-Apr-2013
80. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Emerald Meadows 15-Apr-2013
81. Double-crested Cormorant Hurdman Park 15-Apr-2013
82. Ruddy Duck Moodie Drive Quarry 18-Apr-2013
83. Gadwall Moodie Drive Quarry 18-Apr-2013
84. Chipping Sparrow Home 19-Apr-2013
85. Savannah Sparrow Eagleson Road 21-Apr-2013
86. Purple Finch Richmond Lagoons 21-Apr-2013
87. Northern Flicker Sarsaparilla Trail 21-Apr-2013
88. Field Sparrow Sarsaparilla Trail 21-Apr-2013
89. Hermit Thrush Sarsaparilla Trail 21-Apr-2013
90. Swamp Sparrow Mud Lake 21-Apr-2013
91. Rusty Blackbird Mud Lake 21-Apr-2013
92. Ruby-crowned Kinglet Mud Lake 21-Apr-2013
93. Barn Swallow Mud Lake 21-Apr-2013
94. Yellow-rumped Warbler Mud Lake 21-Apr-2013
95. Northern Rough-winged Swallow Mud Lake 21-Apr-2013
96. Pine Warbler Mud Lake 21-Apr-2013
97. Black-crowned Night-heron Mud Lake 21-Apr-2013
98. Broad-winged Hawk Hurdman Park 26-Apr-2013
99. Lesser Scaup Hurdman Park 26-Apr-2013
100. Bank Swallow Mud Lake 27-Apr-2013
101. Chimney Swift Mud Lake 27-Apr-2013
102. Palm Warbler Mud Lake 27-Apr-2013
103. Northern Shoveler Richmond Lagoons 28-Apr-2013
104. Belted Kingfisher Moodie Drive Quarries 28-Apr-2013
105. Common Loon Shirley’s Bay 28-Apr-2013
106. Bald Eagle Shirley’s Bay 28-Apr-2013
107. American Pipit Downtown 03-May-2013
108. White-crowned Sparrow Jack Pine Trail 12-May-2013
109. Black-and-white Warbler Jack Pine Trail 12-May-2013
110. Black-throated Blue Warbler Jack Pine Trail 12-May-2013
111. Great Crested Flycatcher Jack Pine Trail 12-May-2013
112. Black-throated Green Warbler Jack Pine Trail 12-May-2013
113. Ovenbird Jack Pine Trail 12-May-2013
114. Scarlet Tanager Downtown – Confederation Park 17-May-2013
115. Yellow Warbler Downtown – Confederation Park 17-May-2013
116. Warbling Vireo Hurdman Park 17-May-2013
117. Least Flycatcher Hurdman Park 17-May-2013
118. Gray Catbird Hurdman Park 17-May-2013
119. Common Yellowthroat Hurdman Park 17-May-2013
120. American Redstart Hurdman Park 17-May-2013
121. Lincoln’s Sparrow Hurdman Park 17-May-2013
122. Baltimore Oriole Hurdman Park 17-May-2013
123. Eastern Wood-pewee Rideau Trail 18-May-2013
124. Red-eyed Vireo Rideau Trail 18-May-2013
125. Nashville Warbler Rideau Trail 18-May-2013
126. American Bittern Sarsaparilla Trail 18-May-2013
127. Eastern Kingbird Sarsaparilla Trail 18-May-2013
128. Common Tern Mud Lake 19-May-2013
129. Wood Thrush Mud Lake 19-May-2013
130. Northern Waterthrush Mud Lake 19-May-2013
131. Tennessee Warbler Mud Lake 19-May-2013
132. Blackpoll Warbler Mud Lake 19-May-2013
133. Northern Parula Mud Lake 19-May-2013
134. Brown Thrasher Shirley’s Bay 19-May-2013
135. Rose-breasted Grosbeak Shirley’s Bay 19-May-2013
136. Canada Warbler Shirley’s Bay 19-May-2013
137. Eurasian Wigeon Moodie Drive Quarry 20-May-2013
138. Green Heron Moodie Drive Quarry 20-May-2013
139. Bobolink Moodie Drive Quarry 20-May-2013
140. Spotted Sandpiper Moodie Drive Quarry 20-May-2013
141. Solitary Sandpiper Richmond Lagoons 20-May-2013
142. Least Sandpiper Richmond Lagoons 20-May-2013
143. Magnolia Warbler Richmond Lagoons 20-May-2013
144. Sora Bill Mason Center 25-May-2013
145. Viriginia Rail Bill Mason Center 25-May-2013
146. Alder Flycatcher Bill Mason Center 25-May-2013
147. Veery Bill Mason Center 25-May-2013
148. Chestnut-sided Warbler Bill Mason Center 25-May-2013
149. Eastern Bluebird Huntmar Road 25-May-2013
150. Semipalmated Plover March Valley Road 25-May-2013
151. White-rumped Sandpiper March Valley Road 25-May-2013
152. Dunlin March Valley Road 25-May-2013
153. Semipalmated Sandpiper March Valley Road 25-May-2013
154. House Wren Airport 26-May-2013
155. Indigo Bunting Airport 26-May-2013
156. Clay-coloured Sparrow Airport 26-May-2013
157. Grasshopper Sparrow Airport 26-May-2013
158. Winter Wren Sarsaparilla Trail 26-May-2013
159. Great Egret Mud Lake 01-Jun-2013
160. Whimbrel Britannia Pier 02-Jun-2013
161. Ruddy Turnstone Britannia Pier 02-Jun-2013
162. Northern Mockingbird Emerald Meadows 05-Jun-2013
163. Common Nighthawk Emerald Meadows 09-Jun-2013
164. Marsh Wren Gatineau Park 15-Jun-2013
165. Mourning Warbler Gatineau Park 15-Jun-2013
166. Willow Flycatcher Moodie Drive marsh 22-Jun-2013
167. Black Tern Petrie Island 05-Jul-2013
168. Common Gallinule Bruce Pit 14-Jul-2013
169. Ruby-throated Hummingbird Beaver Trail 27-Jul-2013
170. Blue-winged Teal Shirley’s Bay 03-Aug-2013
171. Purple Martin Shirley’s Bay 03-Aug-2013
172. Greater Yellowlegs Shirley’s Bay 03-Aug-2013
173. Lesser Yellowlegs Shirley’s Bay 03-Aug-2013
174. Bonaparte’s Gull Andrew Haydon Park 17-Aug-2013
175. Baird’s Sandpiper Andrew Haydon Park 17-Aug-2013
176. Cape May Warbler Mud Lake 17-Aug-2013
177. Yellow-bellied Flycatcher Mud Lake 17-Aug-2013
178. Eastern Screech-Owl Ottawa 25-Aug-2013
179. Caspian Tern Andrew Haydon Park 31-Aug-2013
180. American Golden-Plover Twin Elm Road 01-Sep-2013
181. Short-billed Dowitcher Twin Elm Road 01-Sep-2013
182. Bay-breasted Warbler Jack Pine Trail 01-Sep-2013
183. Wilson’s Warbler Sarsaparilla Trail 07-Sep-2013
184. Blackburnian Warbler Mud Lake 07-Sep-2013
185. Blue-headed Vireo Mud Lake 07-Sep-2013
186. Philadelphia Vireo Mud Lake 07-Sep-2013
187. Pectoral Sandpiper Shirley’s Bay 08-Sep-2013
188. Least Bittern Andrew Haydon Park 15-Sep-2013
189. Swainson’s Thrush Hurdman Park 17-Sep-2013
190. Sabine’s Gull Mud Lake 28-Sep-2013
191. Horned Grebe Shirley’s Bay 05-Oct-2013
192. White-winged Scoter Ottawa River 05-Oct-2013
193. Snow Goose Richmond Lagoons 6-Oct-2013
194. Red-necked Grebe Andrew Haydon Park 12-Oct-2013
195. Brant Dick Bell Park 14-Oct-2013
196. Orange-crowned Warbler Shirley’s Bay 14-Oct-2013
197. Cackling Goose Dow’s Lake 19-Oct-2013
198. Surf Scoter Dow’s Lake 19-Oct-2013
199. Red-breasted Merganser Dick Bell Park 19-Oct-2013
200. Black Scoter Dick Bell Park 19-Oct-2013
201. Long-tailed Duck Shirley’s Bay 26-Oct-2013
202. KING EIDER Andrew Haydon Park 14-Nov-2013
203. Iceland Gull Trail Road Landfill 30-Nov-2013

Year birds seen outside of the Ottawa Circle:

Species Location Date
1. Northern Saw-whet Owl Amherst Island 26-Jan-2013
2. Red-bellied Woodpecker Amherst Island 26-Jan-2013
3. Gray Jay Algonquin Park 09-Mar-2013
4. Boreal Chickadee Algonquin Park 09-Mar-2013
5. Cliff Swallow Cambridge, ON 04-May-2013
6. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Linear Trail, Cambridge 04-May-2013
7. Sandhill Crane Grass Lake, Cambridge 04-May-2013
8. Wilson’s Phalarope Blenheim Sewage Lagoons 05-May-2013
9. Mute Swan McGeachy’s Pond, Erieau 05-May-2013
10. American Coot McGeachy’s Pond, Erieau 05-May-2013
11. Black-bellied Plover McGeachy’s Pond, Erieau 05-May-2013
12. Forster’s Tern Erieau 05-May-2013
13. BLACK-NECKED STILT Hillman Creek 05-May-2013
14. Redhead Hillman Marsh 05-May-2013
15. Orchard Oriole Point Pelee 06-May-2013
16. Lesser Black-backed Gull Point Pelee 06-May-2013
17. Yellow-throated Vireo Point Pelee 06-May-2013
18. Blue-winged Warbler Point Pelee 06-May-2013
19. Hooded Warbler Point Pelee 06-May-2013
20. Tufted Titmouse Rondeau Park 07-May-2013
21. YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER Rondeau Park 07-May-2013
22. Pine Siskin Rondeau Park 07-May-2013
23. Eastern Towhee Rondeau Park 07-May-2013
24. Trumpeter Swan Blenheim Sewage Lagoons 07-May-2013
25. Ring-necked Pheasant Hillman Marsh 08-May-2013
26. Golden-winged Warbler Point Pelee 08-May-2013
27. PRAIRIE WARBLER Point Pelee 08-May-2013
28. ROSS’S GULL Chambly, QC 16-Nov-2013

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