Archive | March 29, 2012

More spring arrivals and a six-mammal day

The weekend forecast looked gray and rainy so I didn’t make any plans with Deb or Leah to go out birding together. However, by the time I awoke on Sunday the rain had stopped, so I ventured over to Jack Pine Trail to see if any new migrants had arrived. A couple of robins were foraging near the trail entrance, more interested in searching for bugs and other critters in the leaf litter than in me. I hadn’t gone too far when movement at my feet caught my attention. A small rodent was ambling along the vegetation at the side of the trail, pausing in the open from time to time just long enough for me to get a decent view. Even in the overcast gloom I noticed that it seemed quite reddish, so I took some photos despite the twigs in the way. My photos showed a clear reddish patch on top of its back, gray fur on the sides, and a white belly. I suspected it was a Red-backed Vole, and when I sent my photo to Christine H., she and Stephen confirmed my suspicion. This was a new mammal for me, and my first of the day!

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