Spring is in the Air….

Squirrel with Barbeque Cover

This morning while getting ready for work I was amused to see a squirrel fiercely trying to remove the cotton lining from my neighbour’s tattered barbeque cover. I sat by my bedroom window to watch, curious to see if the squirrel would take the cotton – clearly nesting material – to the large leafy drey in the tree a few backyards behind mine. She was struggling with it, however, and didn’t appear to be in danger of winning the battle any time soon, so I grabbed my camera to take a few pictures.

The struggle appeared as though it would go on for some time, so I shot some video as well:

She gave up the fight and disappeared; I resumed getting ready for work.

Spring must be in the air – even though today was bitterly cold, it seems that breeding season is already under way!


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