Archive | June 19, 2011

A New Mammal at Hurdman

The following Tuesday was a beautiful day, so I spent my lunch hour at Hurdman Park looking for something to interest me. I heard a Common Yellowthroat singing in the field, a species which I hadn’t observed yet this year in this location; other than that, only the regular breeding birds were around. Dragonflies seen include Common Green Darner and Common Whitetail, while the most common damselflies were Powdered Dancer and Eastern Forktail. I didn’t get any dragonfly photos that day. Butterflies, on the other hand, were more plentiful, and I found several species; I even managed to take a few photos.

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An OFNC outing at the Jack Pine Trail

On Sunday, June 5th I led my third OFNC birding walk at Jack Pine Trail. This time I had only five people attend, perhaps because of the uncertain weather forecast for the day: cloudy with a chance of showers. It wasn’t raining when I got up, so the walk went ahead as planned. After finding no one waiting at the usual meeting spot at Lincoln Fields, I drove directly to Jack Pine Trail where, in the parking lot, the beautiful song of a Wood Thrush could be heard.

The smaller group made it easier to talk to each individual and ensure they all saw everything. Because the leaves had all filled out, I planned to concentrate on identifying birds by their songs and teaching the group the most common marsh and woodland birdsongs.

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