Archive | May 4, 2011

Conversation with a Savannah Sparrow

Savannah Sparrow Ottawa’s international airport is an excellent place for birding in the late spring and summer.  Although many of its regular residents haven’t arrived yet, birding the trails here in late April can be rewarding.  As my fiancé had to work on Easter Monday, I dropped him off then proceeded to Bowesville Road where there is ample parking and access to the trails on either side of the road.

As soon as I got out of the car I heard a Song Sparrow and a Brown-headed Cowbird singing.  I checked the first pair of bluebird boxes and found only a couple of Tree Swallows in the vicinity.  Eastern Bluebirds are one of the airport specialties that draws many birders here each spring; the airport is perhaps the easiest place to find them in the Ottawa area.  However, none were present at their usual box so I continued on my way to the trails.

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