Archive | March 8, 2011

My Favourite Places: Sarsaparilla Trail

Sarsaparilla Trail, located on Richmond Road just north of West Hunt Club, is one of the first trails I visited after moving to Kanata South.  It features a small 0.8 km circular trail traversing through the woods and a picnic area in a more open setting.  The chickadees and nuthatches here are among the friendliest I have encountered, and the Red-breasted Nuthatches in particular are not afraid to steal morsels from an outstretched hand.  They especially love sunflower seeds and peanuts.

Sarsaparilla Trail lies within the Stony Swamp Conservation Area, which itself is part of the National Capital Greenbelt. In the woods, the trail diverges into two loops. The outer loop passes through an area of deciduous trees with very little understory, while the inner trail passes through a dense stand of conifers.  On the western side of the trail, a short boardwalk leads to a small observation platform which juts out over a large beaver pond.

Because of its proximity to water and mix of habitats, Sarsaparilla Trail is home to many different species of wildlife.  It has something to offer the nature lover in every season, from the mammals that live here year-round to the butterflies and amphibians which are present only in the warmer months, to the different bird species which come and go with the changing of the seasons.

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