Archive | February 26, 2011

Three Finches

House FinchI managed to visit Hurdman twice in the past ten days, and both times I found three species of finch. Both House Finches and American Goldfinches were abundant, as usual, but I was surprised to find one Common Redpoll on Friday and two the following Wednesday.  Although a number of redpolls were visiting the feeders at Hurdman regularly in mid-January, they had disappeared toward the end of the month and hadn’t been reported since.  Seeing them again really made my day.

A flock of Bohemian Waxwings had also been reported recently, and it was these I was looking for.  Given the abundance of berries around Hurdman Park I figured they would show up sooner or later, as they had in winters past.  I hadn’t seen them at Hurdman all season, however, and I missed them the day after they had been observed by Pat Blake.

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