Help save the South March Highlands!

The South March Highlands in Kanata is a beautiful old-growth forest which provides absolutely crucial habitat for wildlife. This area, described as a mini-Costa Rica, has one of the highest ecological values and biodiversity of any area in the City of Ottawa. These are Canadian Shield uplands, more than a billion years old, rich in wetlands and mature forest. It is only 3 km x 4 km in size, yet is home to over 675 species of life, including 19 species-at-risk.

This land was sold to developers 20 years ago and is now slated for development (aka destruction). Ottawa city council will be voting on a motion to purchase a section of this valuable land on OCTOBER 5, 2010. The OFNC is asking the people of Ottawa to email their city councilor to support the motion and has provided text for your email.

It is important that as many people as possible contact their councilors and ask them to support the motion to save some of this vital habitat.

Two of the fabulous trails in the South March Highlands are the Trillium Woods and the Marathon Trail System.

For my blog entries on the Marathon Trail System please see these entries:


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