Fall Garden Update


After I got home from Mud Lake, I decided to spend some time in my backyard taking pictures. Despite the lateness of the season, quite a few plants are still in bloom, lending some much-needed colour to backyard. My asters are blossoming profusely, adding a delicate shade of blue to the fall garden. Also in flower are my Lantana, Nemesia, Nicotiana, snapdragons and Purple Coneflowers; even the Veronica I added this year still have some blue flowers left.

My morning glories, too, have done really well this year, while my Scarlet Runner Bean did not. I never did see any hummingbirds visiting these flowers.

Morning Glory

These snapdragons are doing quite well, considering I never planted them! Last year’s snapdragons must have gone to seed while I wasn’t looking.


I am really pleased with my asters this year. I think the contrast between the pale blue petals and yellow center is really gorgeous.


These flowers have been attracting a lot of wasps lately. There were a couple of large ones visiting them today, and all of them had have yellow faces, just like the ones I saw at Mud Lake. Even though I haven’t seen any butterflies at these flowers, it’s good to know that they are still attracting insects.

Wasp sp.

Wasp sp.

The Banded Argiope I first discovered in August is still hanging around (pun intended!) and getting bigger. I haven’t been able to get a photo of her from the top side because she – like most orbweavers – sits on the underside of the web.

Banded Argiope

However, when an insect flew into her web, I was able to get a great photo of her wrapping it in silk:

Banded Argiope

With October around the corner, it won’t be long before it’s time to put the garden to bed for the winter. I think I’ll hold off on cutting back the plants for as long as possible – the longer they keep blooming, the shorter the winter will seem!


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